Sustainable Fashion for Conscious Customers: A Glimpse into Our Responsibility

Welcome to our online store, where we prioritize high-quality and eco-friendly textiles, as well as sustainable production. As a responsible company, we aim to provide you with a transparent insight into the sustainability aspects of our products and emphasize the added value your decision for sustainable fashion brings.


High-Quality Textiles for the Environment and Comfort

We place great importance on ensuring that our T-shirts are made exclusively from 100% organic cotton. Currently, we are working towards transitioning our sweaters to organic cotton as well, further intensifying our commitment to the environment. Our T-shirts are sourced from a manufacturer that meets the highest standards for ecological textiles. The organic cotton used is a natural fiber, free from genetic engineering, and has a significantly lower water requirement compared to conventional cotton. Waste from cotton picking is reused in the animal feed industry.

Organic cotton is obtained from non-genetically modified seeds, without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Through natural methods such as crop rotation, we not only protect the environment but also promote biodiversity and contribute to improving the quality of life for farmers. Our T-shirts are 100% vegan, meaning that no animal testing is conducted throughout the development and production process.


Environmentally Friendly Printing for a Sustainable Future

Throughout our entire range, we prioritize sustainability. The water-based inks used in digital printing are a conscious choice for environmental friendliness and safety. These inks are inherently safe, free from toxins, and biodegradable. At the same time, they contain no animal-derived ingredients, ensuring not only vegan-friendliness but also safety for toddlers and babies. Our printing inks meet the strictest globally recognized industry standards, emphasizing our commitment to the highest standards of quality and environmental protection. We use water-based and biodegradable NeoPigment inks from Kornit.

Compared to traditional printing methods, our DTG printing machines significantly reduce water consumption by up to 95% and save 60% in energy.



Responsible Consumption for a Sustainable Future

We are proud to offer you sustainable products that are not only of high quality but also contribute to environmental protection and fair production conditions. Your decision to choose our products supports not only a small online store but also a sustainable future.




Thank you for being part of our journey!